Things you must know about Aussiedoodles

The Aussiedoodle, also known as Aussipoo or Aussiepoodle, is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Aussiedoodles are very energetic, intelligent and affectionate mixed-breed dogs. Their size varies with the size of their poodle parent. They weigh in at 25 to 75 pounds and range in height from 14 to 25 inches.

Here are some important things for you before you become an Aussiedoodle Parent.

aussiedoodles are incredibly intelligent

Aussiepoos rank among the most intelligent mixed-breed dogs. They are considered the “Einsteins” among crossbreeds. These smarties inherit their intelligence from their genius parent breeds. They can catch new concepts fast, making them easier to train. They can think more independently than other dog breeds and come up with solutions of their own.

They love being with people

These furballs are ideal family pets. They always want to be with their humans and are constant attention seekers which makes them loyal and affectionate family pets.

They are cuddle lovers

Whenever you need cuddles and kisses, Aussipoos will be there for you. You’ll feel their wet spongy nose and warm tongue on your face when you invite them for cuddles. It is one of the ways your Aussiepoo shows his affection towards you and they love the warmth they get while cuddling.

Aussiedoodle Amazing Facts

They love being active

These adorable pooches are highly energetic and playful. They love fetching, running and swimming. They like water and love to relax in the pool after activities. It’s important to mentally stimulate your Ausipoos to avoid hyper and destructive behaviors.

They are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much

Aussiedoodles can have a straight, wavy or curly coat and are well known as low shedding and hypoallergenic pooches. They inherit these traits from their poodle parent. No dog is entirely anti-shedding. But poodles and their crosses, including Aussiepoos, definitely shed less than other breeds of dogs. It can be the dander in the dog’s skin, the hair follicles, salvia or other factors that cause allergic reactions in humans which is why no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Put simply, the Aussiedoodles cross is less likely to cause allergic reactions than other purebred dogs.

They are therapy dogs.

Therapy dogs are trained to provide affection and comfort to patients, children or elders. Aussidoodles easily bond with people, and their inherited intelligence makes them highly trainable as therapy dogs. A smart furball with a wagging tail and lovely face will provide perfect pooch therapy to people.

They are bouncy and fun all the time

The Aussiedoodle is a fun-loving, playful pooch breed and they need good mental and physical stimulation during their playtime to avoid boredom. Games such as fetch, hide and seek and “find the toy” games will keep your bouncy Aussiepoo entertained.

They’ll be your most loyal companion

The temperament of Aussiedoodles is loyal and loving. They bond with their human family and stay devoted. When you are away, they’ll wait long periods for you and greet you with wagging tails and lots of bouncy kisses once you show up. Being an Aussidoodle parent will probably give you great joy in your life. If you are thinking of becoming one, don’t wait, it’s time to welcome an Aussiepoo pooch to your home!

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