Newfoundland x Poodle

About Newfypoos

A.K.A. Newfiedoodle

Newfypoos are a mix between a purebred Newfoundland and a purebred Poodle. They’re known for their intelligent, lovable and active personalities. We currently raise F1 and F1b Newfypoos in standard size.

Newfoundland x Poodle

About Newfypoos

Newfypoos are a mix between a purebred Newfoundland and a purebred Poodle. They’re known for their intelligent, lovable and active personalities. We currently raise F1b Newfypoos in standard size.


Newfypoos, also known as a Newfiedoodle, come in several sizes and weights: The Doodle Tribe currently breeds only standard size Newfypoos. When full grown, a standard Newfypoo will weigh between 90-150 lbs and have a height between 22-30 inches at the shoulder. Standard Newfypoos will reach their full size by a minimum of 18 months, though some of them will continue growing until they are about 2 years old. 

Female Newfypoos tend to be 1-3 inches shorter and 10-15 lbs lighter than male Newfypoos. F1b Newfypoos are usually tall,  and have a lighter frame than other first generation, or F1 Newfypoos.

Newfypoos have a life expectancy of 8-12 years.


Newfypoos are hypoallergenic, due to the Poodle’s gene benefits, but there is never a  guarantee that they will NEVER shed as there is no such thing as a 100% non shedding dog. The larger the percentage of Poodle genes present in the newfypoo, (F1B Newfypoos are 75% Poodle), the more hypoallergenic the puppy will be. All Newfypoos are considered “low-shedding.”

Newfypoo coats are generally quite curly, though the curls can range from the tight curls of a poodle to a more relaxed wavy texture. It is recommended to keep Newfypoo coats at a medium length. The coat is usually thick, slightly oily, and water-repellant, which can make grooming difficult. Most Newfypoo owners use professional groomers to assist with the process. In addition to professional grooming, you will need to brush your Newfypoo at least every other day. It is recommended that you brush them daily to keep the coat healthy and free of matting. 

When brushing your Newfypoo, start by running a brush through their whole coat. This will start to remove tangles and help you identify any matting. You should make sure that you also get a good undercoat brush. Just be careful, as the grooming will remove a large amount of hair that isn’t shedding all over your house! Once you have brushed through the coat, use a pair of dog clippers to remove any knots and mats that you weren’t able to untangle with the brush.

Newfypoos also require a bath at least once a month. They are generally fond of water, which makes bathing them much easier than other breeds. After their bath, rub them down with a towel and allow them to fully air dry before doing any more grooming.


Newfiedoodles come in a variety of colors, depending on the colors of the parents. The most common colors are black and brown solid coats, and black/white and brown/white particolored coats. Less common but still regularly occurring colors include grey/white, and apricot/white. If the Poodle parent carries the fading gene, your black or brown Newfiedoodle could fade to a silver or silver beige coat. Newfiedoodles also have a variety of coat patterns.


Newfypoos are great family dogs! They are incredibly loving, even-tempered, and social. They get along very well with adults, children, and other pets because of their large size and playful demeanor. Their friendly personality helps them win over even people who aren’t normally dog people. Newfypoos are also very loyal and serve as good guard dogs because their large size and protectiveness can intimidate any intruders.


Newfypoos may be friendly, but they aren’t a pushover, so don’t expect them to just roll over and do what you tell them! Newfypoos are incredibly smart and easy to please, so they should be fairly easy to train. Newfypoos respond very well to positive training methods, especially when started young. 

Because of their large size when full grown, you need to teach your Newfypoo to walk on the leash properly as soon as possible. Do not allow them to pull on the leash while walking. You should also make sure to crate train your Newfypoo. Additionally, because Newfypoos are smart, you will easily be able to teach them to perform tricks and play fetch. Just make sure you train them not to jump on people. You may love cuddling with your dog, but they could easily knock you over as well!

Lifestyle & Exercise

It is recommended that Newfypoos receive at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. A well-exercised Newfypoo is generally content to be a bit of a couch potato during the rest of the day. Newfypoos require daily activity, including walks, hikes, and playtime. They generally do not do very well with long distance running, but they are avid swimmers. In warmer weather, a paddling pool is a great way to help your Newfypoo cool off while still getting their exercise in. 

It is important to have space for your Newfiedoodle to play and work their muscles every day. This space could be your backyard, a dog park, or local trails. Because they are larger animals, make sure you are careful with roughhousing and jumping, as this can negatively impact their bones and joints if they aren’t fully grown. 

Full-grown Newfiedoodles eat 4.5-6 cups of food a day. This should generally be split into several smaller meals to prevent bloating.

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