The Doodle Tribe

About Us

Our Mission

The Doodle Tribe’s mission is to love people through our gorgeous doodles. Nothing embodies light, love, and joy quite like a dog that loves you unconditionally, every day, without fail. They truly are man’s best friend.

Who We Are

The Doodle Tribe is a partnership of the top Doodle breeders and Guardian homes in Arizona and Utah. Doodles are all our favorite dogs! We love the combination of their breed personalities and physical attributes—these factors make for incredible and stunning animals. 

My partners and I have been breeding for a combination of over 40 years. We are dedicated to raising healthy, loving, high quality Doodles. They are the perfect furry new friends for responsible families around the nation.

You can find us in Utah County, Utah; Gilbert, Arizona; or the Gila Valley, AZ, though we don’t have all Doodle breeds at all locations.




I grew up in a home where we always had a dog. My dad was raised on an Idaho farm, so his favorite dog breeds always were (and of course, still are) Australian Shepherds and Queensland Heelers. Naturally, my first dog was a blue heeler; her name was Smokey and she was my best friend. Sadly for me, however, Smokey was never allowed in the house because my mom hated how much she shed . . . and I’ll admit, she did shed a lot. 

Still, since my experience with Smokey, I’d always dreamed of having a loving family dog that could come inside and play without leaving a trail of fur everywhere he or she went (and without getting me in trouble). Well, fast forward ten years and my dream came true—I discovered doodles!



Adoption Specialist

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a dog. Some of my best memories from when I was young were growing up with a dog in our home. My favorite part was the excitement that came when my family and I got to go pick up our puppy! We got to name our new furry family member Chloe and had the best time with her. We all got to play, cuddle, and watch Chloe grow and become our best friend. The best part about having a puppy grow up in your home is that they are always there when you need them. Before working with the Doodle Tribe, I never had the chance to interact or have a doodle mix as a pet. And I was missing out!!  Doodle mixes are now my favorite dog ever! They’re fun, intelligent, and outgoing personalities make for the perfect family dog. 

I will be the one to help you find the puppy that’s the best match for you and your family! 



Gotcha Day Caretaker

Animals have always been a big part of my life, especially dogs. Over the years, I have discovered the unique temperament and personality that comes from a non “purebred” dog. It’s so cool that the Doodle breed makes it possible for someone in any circumstance to adopt a dog, whether it’s a family dog, companion, or service dog, because of the combination of well-tempered, loving, friendly, and all-around awesome dogs that the breed produces.

I will be the one meeting you with your adorable puppy! Families meeting their precious new family members for the first time is such a special moment that I love being part of!

About Our Puppies

Every puppy in our program is raised indoors and is socialized well before they come home to you.

To prepare them for the transition from our home to yours, we start litter box and crate training them as soon as they become mobile. Doing this helps make potty training and crate training a breeze for you once you bring them home. Beyond potty and crate training, the puppies’ days consist of playtime, exploring, crate time, and ample socialization with adults, children, and other animals.

To further simplify the transition from our home to yours, we expose our puppies to various sights and sounds once the puppies’ eyes and ears are open. This exposure ensures your puppy is confident in adapting to new situations quickly. 

Our goal is to produce healthy, confident, even-tempered dogs for companionship, service, and therapy. Because we raise such high-quality dogs, we want them to grow up in excellent homes, so, we take extra steps to ensure our puppies go to loving families, and ensure the puppies are well adjusted to a home environment. However, our love for our puppies doesn’t stop once they reach your homes; rather, we are dedicated to our puppies long after they leave our care. As breeders, we will always be there to answer any and all questions that you, our new puppy parents may have. Consider our service a lifetime of breeder support!

Currently, we focus on breeding first-generation Doodles; however, we do have plans to create multi-generational lines in the future, which lines will produce puppies just as healthy, gently tempered and beautifully colored as the first-generation offspring. We’re certain that such will be the case because each parent dog we bring into our program goes through a series of genetic and temperament tests to ensure healthy, well-rounded litters. After selecting parent dogs of excellent quality, we focus on producing puppies that closely resemble those parent dogs. This may sound difficult, and it isn’t foolproof; but we are well-versed in the world of animal genetics, so we can predict the color and coat of our future puppies. Plus, we take the extra step of color and coat testing our dogs, and this helps us predict what colors and hair type each pairing of parent dogs will throw. We pair only the dogs that complement each other in their health testing results and hip ratings, genotype and coloring, structure, and of course, personalities.