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What Our Doodle Tribe Families are Saying…


We highly recommend this breeder. Our puppy is well behaved, smart, cute and nonshedding. We love her so much! Rebecca was very responsive and everything went as planned. We are now thinking of getting another puppy next year!

– Irene Iordanescu

We had a great experience with The Doodle Tribe. Our puppy is sweet, intelligent, has a great temperament and is very fun. Rebecca was very responsive throughout the whole process and made it very easy. I would definitely recommend working with the doodle tribe.

– Matt Porter


I had such an amazing experience with this breeder. My puppy, Bentley, is super healthy and playful, and he loves to cuddle. Great temperament for any loving and active family. I would recommend The Doodle Tribe to anyone looking for a happy and healthy furry friend to join their family!

– Brielle Fisher

More About  Newfypoos

Newfypoos are a mix between a purebred Newfoundland and a purebred Poodle. They’re known for their intelligent, lovable and active personalities. We currently raise F1 and F1b Newfypoos in standard size.

Newfypoos are great family dogs! They are incredibly loving, even-tempered, and social. They get along very well with adults, children, and other pets because of their large size and playful demeanor. Their friendly personality helps them win over even people who aren’t normally dog people. Newfypoos are also very loyal and serve as good guard dogs because their large size and protectiveness can intimidate any intruders.