Size differences:

Bernedoodles come in three sizes: tiny, miniature, and standard. A standard Bernedoodle stands at 23-29 inches and weighs in the range of 70-90 pounds. On the other hand, Sheepadoodles can stand between 19-22 inches tall and weigh 65-100+ pounds. In both breeds, males are typically heavier than females.

Sheepadoodles and Bernedoodles come in varying sizes according to the size of the parent.

Coat differences:

Due to common ancestry, they have very similar coats. Bernedoodle coats are dense and are usually long and wavy. Curly coats are also common. Sheepadoodles have straight or loose and wavy coats.

Because of the low-shedding nature of Bernedoodle, brushing them daily or every other day is ideal. This will help maintain the coat’s softness and silkiness. Sheepadoodle puppies have long wavy coats that require daily brushing and regular grooming to avoid matting.

Both breeds are hypoallergenic. Their coat sheds very little, and require grooming every six to eight weeks.

Bernedoodles vs sheepadoodles

Temperament differences:

When considering a family dog, temperament is an important factor. Both Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles are family-friendly dogs. Their temperament is almost identical as they have common ancestry. Both Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles are smart, easy to train and great with kids.

Bernedoodles are goofy, intelligent and playful, making them very family-friendly and easily trainable. They have less energy than Sheepadoodles and are generally calmer.

Sheepadoodles are affectionate and are known to be very loyal and attached to their owners. Because of the more active nature of Sheepadoodles, families who adopt them should be prepared to exercise them more than Bernedoodles. 

Both breeds are prone to separation anxiety.

Lifestyle differences:

In terms of physical activity and exercise, the breeds differ. While Bernedoodles have moderate energy, they require 60-90 minutes of exercise daily. Sheepadoodles are known for their active nature and lifestyle; they require more exercise and playtime.

Bernedoodles are satisfied with mild physical activity, however, require at least one daily walk. Because of their larger size,  a larger yard would accommodate their needs better.

Sheepadoodles tend to have more energy than Bernedoodles. When it’s not possible to take them on long walks, try to give them access to areas where they can run around.

Pros of Bernedoodles:

For new dog owners, Bernedoodles are a great choice. Due to their loving and gentle nature, they are considered one of the most family-friendly dog breeds. They are also compatible with children and other pets. They shed very less and are easy to train due to their intelligence.

Pros of Sheepaoodles:

Sheepadoodles are known to be loyal and attached to their owners. They may be protective and bark at unknown strangers. Sheepadoodles are very in tune with their families and easily catch on to their routines. They can live longer than 15 years. 

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