Goldendoodles are a combination of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. This is a new and popular breed of puppy that has become well-known around the world.

There are many advantages to adding a Doodle to your family. Here are 6 compelling reasons (backed by science!) to bring a Doodle home!

1. Goldendoodles can be beneficial for an only child

Not intending to have more than one child? A puppy may help your child feel less lonely, according to studies, and they often think of their pet as a sibling.

They learn how to “share” their parents’ attention and their own space and how to respect and love another member of the family, just like they would with a sibling.

2. Having a Goldendoodle can help kids learn responsibility

Not interested in continually walking, feeding and grooming your puppy? This can be an opportunity and learning experience for your child to take on new responsibility. Children can learn a lot from Doodles about responsibility and the challenging but essential task of caring for another living being. Children will benefit from learning to take the initiative, maintain their sense of reality, and understand that all living things are interdependent.

3. Goldendoodles can strengthen their immune systems

Children that grow up around puppies have a lower lifetime incidence of illness. And according to one study, infants brought into a family with a puppy are less likely to contract colds or respiratory infections. Doodles introduces various “germs” and bacteria that a child’s body learns to develop defenses against, aiding them in fending off illnesses and gaining a strong immune system.

Goldendoodle advantages

4. Goldendoodles can provide protection

The likelihood of a break-in or robbery is lower if a dog resides in the home. Doodles are excellent robber deterrents because they are incredibly protective of their families, especially children, in the home. They are constantly on guard and prepared to bark or defend should a threat arise. Thieves are less likely to commit a crime because a dog poses a risk of alerting their owner, attacking them, or lowering their chances of escaping with items.

5. Goldendoodle puppies boost morale

It is not uncommon nowadays, for children to be diagnosed with depression more frequently.

and boost the general mood. Kids may find it difficult to suppress a smile and feel happy when their dog is around.

6. Goldendoodles encourage children to be active

Dog walking can be beneficial for both your pup and your children due to the regular activity it requires. Engaging in fetch is another way children can gain physical activity that’s fun and connect with their new best friend. 

Numerous research-based benefits support adding a furry friend to your family. Providing a home for a Goldendoodle can be one of the most rewarding and special things you can do for yourself, your kiddos and your family’s health.

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