Puppy Supplies

Congratulations on the purchase of your new puppy! Here are is a list of supplies products that we love!

This shopping list is simply a guide for what you might need. Keep your dog’s size (both now and in the future) in mind as you purchase supplies, but feel free to choose colors and styles that fit your preferences! We are not suggesting that all of these items are absolutely necessary, but want to give you ideas of the tools we’ve found to be helpful in our own families and with our own puppies.


Puppy Food

Pawtree Puppy Food is the perfect kibble to start your brand new doodle puppy on, and it is what your puppy is fed at the Doodle Tribe. It is carefully formulated to support your doodle puppy as it grows, and it also assists in brain and vision development. If you choose to use another brand of puppy food, we strongly recommend continuing to use this brand during the transition.

Your puppy will come with a small baggie of this puppy food to help you begin the transition.


Dog Food

Choosing the right food for your full grown dog is vital to their health. The Doodle Tribe recommends Diamond Natural Dog Food for your Doodle. It is made with high quality proteins to support muscle. It also has vitamins and minerals added in to support your Doodle’s skin, coat, and overall health.


Food & Water Bowls

When choosing your food and water bowls, take the size of your puppy and the amount of food they eat into account. Plastic is not a recommended material, as it is easily damaged. Stainless steel is traditionally the preferred option, as it is durable, dishwasher safe, and long-lasting. You can even get them in cute designs or personalized to your Doodle.


Slow Feed Dog Bowls

If your Doodle likes to race through their meals without a breath, slow feed dog bowls are a great option for you. It will slow your Doodle’s eating up to 10x and makes eating even more entertaining for them. These slow feed dog bowls also come with a non-slip base, so your Doodle won’t be chasing their bowl across the floor.


Training Treats

If you use treats while training your Doodle, Full Moon Training Treats are the way to go. They are made with real, human-grade ingredients, like freeze-dried chicken, blueberries, and herbs. Your Doodle will love them, and you won’t have to worry. Their consistency is perfect for both puppies and adult dogs.

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Bully Sticks

All natural bully sticks are the perfect chew toy for your Doodle. They are made exclusively of beef, which means you don’t have to worry about additives. Bully sticks are better than other common materials, which can cause damage or present health hazards. Make sure to introduce them slowly to avoid loose stool.

bark box

Bark Box

BarkBox is the perfect subscription box for your Doodle! Every month, you receive a box customized to your Doodle, with treats, and toys centered around a different theme. This is the perfect way to keep them entertained, and the perfect gift if you know someone with a new puppy!

Your puppy will come with a toy.


Nylabone Dog Chew Bone

This chew toy is perfect for your Doodle to gnaw on. With a variety of flavors and raised bristles to help with teeth cleaning, you can use this chew to create positive chewing habits, soothe sore mouths, and keep your Doodle entertained. The Nylabone Dog Chew Bone is made of durable nylon, perfect for any Doodle.

Puppy Kong

The Puppy Kong is the perfect toy for your intelligent Doodle puppy! The rubber is soft enough for their growing teeth, but durable enough to withstand their chewing. The shape makes it perfect for bouncing and chasing. You can stuff your Puppy Kong with treats, which will make your puppy that much more excited to play!


Keeping your Doodle healthy is important, so make sure they get their immune support! NuVet Labs provides full-spectrum supplements that will boost your Doodle’s immune system and overall health. They use all-natural ingredients, so it is safe to take with any kind of food or other medications.They come in wafers and powders, and can be consumed with or without food.


Dog Harness

Dog harnesses allow you to have more control over your Doodle and will prevent any leash pulling from putting pressure on their neck. A harness also gives you more control over your Doodle. Consider finding one with adjustable neck and chest fastenings for easy removal. Harnesses are perfect for walks, hikes, and any other on-the-go activity.

Leather Training Leash

Leather leashes are beautiful and durable, so your Doodle will be out in style for quite a while. They are also perfect for training your Doodle, as they won’t rip or fray, regardless of the force applied. They come in a variety of colors, and they won’t bite into your hands the way nylon might.

Foggy Dog Collar

Foggy Dog Collars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect to express your Doodle’s personality. Their strong nylon core, beautiful patterns, and shiny hardware make them a great accessory for special occasions. Even better, with each purchase, The Foggy Dog will donate food to a rescue shelter!


When choosing a collar for your Doodle puppy, make sure you leave room for approximately two fingers to slip underneath. This will keep the collar snug, without restricting breathing. Nylon and leather are both good materials for everyday use. Your Doodle will grow, so make sure you have a collar that can grow with them.

Exercise Pen

If you need to keep your Doodle in a more confined space, an exercise pen is the way to go. This allows them to stretch their legs in 16 square feet of space, but keeps them out of trouble! The metal fencing has a black coat finish to protect it from the elements and is easy to set up.

Portable Exercise Pen

If you and your Doodle are on the go, a portable exercise pen is a must-have. This water-resistant, easy-clean pen makes letting your dog off the leash an option when camping or traveling. The mesh allows for ventilation and interaction, and it even has a pocket for you to store your Doodle’s leash and treats.

The Ultimate Grooming Kit

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Grooming Comb

After you’ve brushed your Doodle, this grooming comb will help you remove any remaining tangles or mats your brush missed. It is also perfect for fluffing up your Doodle’s coat. The dual sided teeth allow you to work through any tangle and properly stimulate the skin and hair follicles to encourage healthy growth.

Nail Trimmers

Doodles need to have their nails trimmed regularly to avoid painful problems. This nail trimmer lets you grind down their nails instead of clipping. This method is safer, more effective, and less likely to hurt your Doodle. It takes a bit longer, but the smooth finish is well worth the time.

Slicker Brush

Doodles need plenty of brushing and a slicker brush is the perfect Doodle brush. Using a good brush will help your Doodle be comfortable with the grooming process. The pins are great for separating the hair, without hurting, and removing tangles and matting. The handle is specifically designed to be comfortable to hold.

Microfiber Pet Blanket

This machine washable, lightweight blanket is perfect for your Doodle in the car, the home, or anywhere else they go. It is made of high-quality microfiber, and provides extra comfort and softness for your Doodle. It can also be a little extra protection for your car, floor, or even your lap if you decide to cuddle up with your Doodle!

Puppy Shampoo

NuVet Puppy Shampoo is hypo-allergenic and PH balanced, so you won’t have to worry about your Doodle puppy’s skin. It is formulated to specially clean your Doodle, while increasing the sheen and luster of their coat. It is environmentally friendly, and it won’t strip your Doodle’s coat of the natural oils it needs.

Pet Stain Remover

Accidents will happen, that doesn’t mean your carpet has to suffer. This pet stain and odor remover will break down the enzymes and completely lift the stain from your carpet. It will also remove the odor, so your Doodle isn’t tempted to re-visit the spot. As a bonus, it is environmentally friendly, so your Doodle will be perfectly safe!

Pet Travel Water Bottle

Being on the go can make it difficult to keep your Doodle hydrated, so this pet travel water bottle is the perfect solution. Just fill it up before you go, and when your Doodle needs a drink, you can pour the water out into a flip-up leaf that serves as a bowl.

Pet Car Seat Cover

If your Doodle likes to go on car rides, this seat cover is a must. In addition to protecting your car, it also keeps your Doodle from free-roaming your car. It anchors to your backseat, so your Doodle won’t go sliding around, even during quick turns or bumps. You can find it in most car sizes.

Airplane & Car Travel Carrier

Traveling can be a little stressful, especially as a Doodle puppy. This comfortable carrier can help your Doodle feel more at home, and is perfect for going to the vet or flying. The carrier expands on all sides and is supported by steel strands in the frame to prevent collapse.

Easy Clean Pet Bed

The Wash’N Zip pet bed is a comfortable, fully washable dog bed, so you never have to worry about it stinking! You can use it as a dog bed, a crate cushion, or even unzip it to make a blanket for your Doodle. When it is ready to be washed, just unzip and throw it in the washing machine.

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Pet Travel Carrier

This airline-approved, rolling pet carrier is perfect for your traveling Doodle. It can even be converted into a backpack for easy carrying. It is well-ventilated and uses memory foam fleece inserts to keep your Doodle comfortable while they travel in style. It also includes a leash harness to help your Doodle travel safely.

Crates & Kennels

Your Doodle needs a crate to call home, so finding one that is easy to clean and big enough should be a priority. A crate or kennel is also perfect for traveling with your Doodle. The Doodle Tribe recommends finding a bed to put in the crate and a few favorite toys when traveling.

The Doodle Tribe Sweatshirt

A sturdy and warm sweatshirt bound to keep you warm in the colder months. A pre-shrunk, classic fit sweater that’s made with air-jet spun yarn for a soft feel and reduced pilling.

• 50% cotton, 50% polyester
• 1×1 athletic rib knit collar with spandex
• Air-jet spun yarn with a soft feel and reduced pilling
• Double-needle stitched collar, shoulders, armholes, cuffs, and hem

Custom Pocket Design Sweatshirt

Email us a picture of your cute puppy and their new name and we will send you a custom sweatshirt with a “drawn” version of their picture and name.

• 50% cotton, 50% polyester
• Pre-shrunk
• Classic fit
• 1×1 athletic rib knit collar with spandex
• Air-jet spun yarn with a soft feel and reduced pilling
• Double-needle stitched collar, shoulders, armholes, cuffs, and hem

Custom Center Design Sweatshirt

Email us a picture of your cute puppy and their new name and we will send you a custom sweatshirt with a “drawn” version of their picture and name.

• 50% cotton, 50% polyester
• Pre-shrunk
• Classic fit
• 1×1 athletic rib knit collar with spandex
• Air-jet spun yarn with a soft feel and reduced pilling
• Double-needle stitched collar, shoulders, armholes, cuffs, and hem

Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Dog Mom Sweatshirts