Our Policies



If you’re excited about buying one of our adorable puppies in the future, send us a deposit to get on a waiting list—and get on the list as soon as you can! Doing so will increase your chances of getting the puppy you want. Once we receive your deposit, we will confirm with you exactly what you’re looking for in your forever family puppy! Once we have puppies available that match your description and time frame, we will email and/or text you personally to inform you and show you the doodle pups we have available. Should you choose to forgo a puppy from the available litter for any reason, you may keep your spot in line and wait for your perfect, dream puppy without losing (as mentioned previously) your spot in line. Waitlist reservations hold your place in line for a maximum of 2 years from the time your deposit was originally placed. Keep in mind that if you’re on the waitlist for a puppy with a specific gender, color, or coat type, our waitlisted litter might not produce that specific-looking puppy. We certainly do our best to make an educated guess about the timing, gender and coloring of the puppies we’re expecting, but Mother Nature has the final say. Consequently, we can’t guarantee your dream puppy be born in a specific litter; but we can guarantee you’ll get a healthy and happy puppy. 



Deposits are $300 and go toward the final purchase price of your puppy. We require the $300 first right of refusal deposit to hold a puppy until their litter’s meet/pick up day. This deposit tells us you are serious about purchasing a puppy, and ensures that we won’t miss out on critical weeks of finding families for our puppies. Once your deposit is placed on a specific puppy, you may not change or switch to a different puppy, regardless of other puppies’ availability. Once your deposit is received and confirmed, you will receive weekly updates of your puppy!

Deposits are NOT refundable. Deposits hold puppies until their designated pick-up/appointment day. We do not hold puppies past this date unless discussed ahead of time.

Please fill out a PUPPY APPLICATION if you are interested in placing a deposit on a current puppy, or joining our waitlist for a future one!



If you’re on our waitlist, we’ll email and/or text you individually about the puppies that match your criteria after they are born, . Please let us know within 24 hours of receiving our message whether you’re interested in selecting from the newborn litter.

Once the puppies are 2–3 weeks old, we’ll start offering them to those of you on our waiting list in order from first to last. If you’ve informed us that you’re set on a specific color and/or gender, we’ll offer you only those puppies that meet said criteria. If our available litters don’t have the specific puppy you’re looking for or if the timing isn’t quite right for you, don’t worry—you won’t lose your spot in line. The next time a litter is born, we’ll contact you according to the same order you were waitlisted in previously. 

At about 4 weeks old, we’ll start sending you weekly photo or video updates of your puppy  so you can watch it grow. We send videos instead of having in-person visits and selections so we can be sure to keep our puppies safe. Furthermore, though we do send videos of puppies, we don’t take requests for photos or videos of puppies; rather, we share videos when we have them ready for you. 



We do our best to give you an estimate of what size we expect your puppy will be at maturity. Our weight estimate takes into account the sizes, weights, and genetics of the moms and dads of each litter. However, we do NOT guarantee the sizes or weights of any puppy.



Final payments for your selected puppy will be due one week before your puppy’s pick-up date. If, for any reason, we haven’t received your final payment by this time, your chosen puppy and spot in line will be forfeited. Your puppy will be considered yours only when your deposit and final payment are received. If you’ll be having your puppy delivered to you, the shipping fees will be due at the same time as your final puppy-payment. Final dues may be paid via cash, credit card, Venmo, or Zelle. 



Deposits are nonrefundable. Therefore, please place a deposit only if you’re certain you’ll be ready for a new puppy in the next 6–18 months. Once we hand the puppy over to your care, you’ll have three days to take said puppy to a vet for a physical examination. If, at that time, the puppy is diagnosed with any life-threatening diseases (diseases that the puppy caught or developed while in our care), then and only then the puppy can be returned for a full refund. Shipping fees, however, will not be refunded (if applicable).



We can recommend a flight nanny service that that will deliver your puppy from the Phoenix, Sky Harbor or Mesa-Gateway airpots to your location’s nearest airport as a carry-on; a flight nanny will accompany your furry friend, both in the comfort and protection of the airplane cabin. Should you choose to go with this option, it is up to you to also book ground transportation to delivery the puppy from our “Home Base” to either of our local airports. Alternatively, we recommend you come to personally welcome and pick up your puppy and take him or her home as a carry-on. Local families and those who wish to drive to pick up their puppy are welcome on scheduled puppy pick-up dates.



Each puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee. By that, we mean that we guarantee your puppy be free from any life-threatening congenital defects; if such a defect is found within the first year after purchase, we’ll replace your puppy free of charge.

*Certain guidelines must be met in order to qualify for our guarantee. Please request a contract if you’re interested in learning more about refund guidelines.*

Claws &


The dewclaw is a small digit on an animal’s foot that generally grows higher up the leg than the animal’s other digits or claws. 

Dewclaws can have a bone that connects the claw to the animal’s wrist. Therefore, when attached dewclaws are removed, the feeling is similar to that of a human having a finger removed. This dewclaw helps dogs maneuver while running, helps them climb, and helps them grip objects (such as bones).This claw is not a dead appendage, but rather (as mentioned previously) is connected to other tendons in the wrist. Therefore, removing attached dewclaws is both painful to the dog and damaging to the dog’s tendons (in fact, removing a dog’s attached dewclaw increases that dog’s chances of arthritis).

Removing dewclaws, docking tails, and cropping ears are all outlawed in Europe and many other countries. In fact, the United States is one of the few countries that still allows these procedures to be done purely for aesthetic appeal. Because we’ve seen how dogs benefit from keeping their attached dewclaws, and because we’ve seen how other countries protect their dogs’ appendages, we’ve decided to implement this new policy: dewclaws will not be removed. In congruence with this policy, we don’t offer tail docking on any of our doodle puppies. (This includes all Aussiedoodle tails which will also be left natural unlike the standard dock of the Australian Shepherd breed.)



We make every attempt to be as accommodating as possible however it is important that puppies make bonds with you and your family sooner, rather than later.  We charge a $20 per day boarding fee for every day the puppies remain at our location after the original puppy pick-up date has passed. This fee covers the cost of food, the cost of any further supplies needed, and the time spent caring for and socializing with your puppy.



Occasionally, circumstances change or a puppy doesn’t work out in his or her new home. In these or other similar situations, we’re more than happy to take the puppy or adult dog back until a new home can be found. We don’t, however, offer refunds past the three-day mark of when said puppy originally left our care. Exchanging a genetically defected puppy for a different puppy (as described in the section titled Health Guarantee) may occur only within our one-year guarantee window.



Each of our puppies will be sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. As part of the contract, you must provide proof of spaying or neutering your puppy before her or his first birthday. Breeding rights are not available to those who purchase our puppies.