Puppy Supplements

When it comes to nutrition, even the best foods on the market contain gaps in micronutrients, and we want your new family member to more than just survive – we want them to THRIVE!

That’s why we have partnered with NuVet Labs to offer NuVet Plus as an immune system builder for your new tiny tike.

NuVet Plus isn’t a vitamin, it’s a total health system designed to help maintain optimal health, beautiful skin, and a healthy, shiny coat for their entire life.

For puppies – NuVet Plus fills the immunity gap all puppies’ experience as they wean off of maternal antibodies from mom’s milk and start to develop their immune system on their own. The nutrients in NuVet Plus were hand-selected by a team of veterinarians and nutritional scientists to help them build a strong internal defense against novel bacteria and viruses we’re all exposed to every day.

I would recommend that you place your order for NuVet Plus soon so that your puppy can get all of the wonderful benefits this immune supplement has to offer. 

NuVet Plus was designed to provide micronutrients missing from the average dog food, even top brands on the market. It’s formulated with antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs…everything but the kitchen sink! 

NuVet Plus is also there to support your pup’s immune system today, tomorrow, and through their entire life.

I strongly recommend that you continue your new family member on NuVet Plus.

NuVet Plus is available only through the manufacturer because this keeps costs down and maintains the integrity of every batch. In fact, since 1997 they have never had a recall…unlike some other pet products.

Here is an access code so you can get a discount!

Online: www.nuvet.com/923159 or click the button below.

Phone: 800-474-7044 and mention order code: 923159