Cleaning your Doodle’s ears is necessary to prevent infection. Here’s how we at The Doodle Tribe clean our pup’s ears.

Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles and all other Doodle breeds often have hair that grows inside the ear. If not taken care of, it can lead to ear infections and cause health problems. This t can be avoided by checking your Doodle’s ears regularly and cleaning them often.

If you’re wondering where and how to start when it comes to cleaning your Doodle’s ears, keep reading. Here is a simple guide that outlines everything you need to know about keeping your Doodle’s ears clean.

How to clean your Doodle’s ears:

Purchase a suitable ear cleaning solution for your Doodle’s ears. Follow the instructions on the packaging. As the solution seeps into the ear canal, use your fingers to massage the base of the ear for 15-20 seconds, then fill the canal with the cleaning solution.

Comfort your Doodle and talk to them in a calm voice if they are anxious. If your Doodle resists having the solution poured directly into their ear, soak a cotton ball in the cleaning solution and once they are calm, place the cotton ball into the opening of the ear canal. Cotton balls absorb the cleaning liquid and can be used to wipe the inside of the canal. Wipe the interior of the ear with cotton balls until the ear canal is dry and free of debris. Once your Doodle’s ears are clean, you can clean up extra moisture with a towel or clean cloth. 

Once the first ear is completed, check in with your Doodle to make sure he or she is relaxed before moving on to the second ear. Note that you only need to clean as far as you can see. Keep in mind that you don’t need to dig into your Doodle’s ear to clean it.

How to clean your Doodle’s ears

Plucking a Doodle’s ear

Plucking Doodle’s ear hair can causes microtears and inflammation and requires extreme care while performing, so it is advisable to have this done by a vet or trained groomer.

Additional tips for ear care 

– One thing to remember while cleaning your Doodle’s ears is that the process can be stressful for them, so it’s important to make it a positive experience the first time.

– Have treats ready for your pup, so he is more likely to cooperate. 

– If your Doodle seems to be in pain during the ear cleaning process, stop and contact your vet.

 – The sooner you can get your Doodle to cooperate for habitual tasks like ear cleaning, the easier and faster it will become once  they get heavier and older.

– With occasional ear cleanings by you, regular professional grooming sessions and staying up to date with vet check-ups, you can ensure your Doodle’s ears stay healthy for life.

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