A new dog brings happiness and companionship into your home, making it an immensely fulfilling experience. But it’s crucial to recognize that puppyhood comes with some difficulties that any pet owner could run into. It will be easier to guarantee a seamless transition for you and your new pet if you are aware of and ready for these obstacles.  Let’s dive into the basics of what to do with your new Doodle buddy.

Let’s start by discussing the difficulties: 


Getting used to a new environment 

Like any young animal, puppies require time to get used to their new environment. When they first enter a new setting, they could experience anxiety or tension. This transition can be made easier by creating a cozy and safe environment while  introducing family members and other pets gradually.

Sleep interruptions  

Puppies may not sleep the same way as adults, especially in their early days. They may whimper or whine in the middle of the night, needing comfort and attention. Part of the transition process is creating a regular bedtime routine and gradually teaching them to sleep through the night.

Focus and time dedication

Puppies need company and attention to thrive. Compared to older dogs, they might need more time and supervision. Their physical and mental health depend on regular play, exercise, and training sessions. A puppy requires a significant time commitment, so plan accordingly.

Vaccination programs and veterinary medicine care

Make sure your puppy receives all the necessary vaccinations and gets frequent checkups from the vet to protect their health. Vaccinations can help prevent dangerous diseases that your puppy is susceptible to. We recommend getting your puppy vaccinated every two weeks until they are 12 to 16 weeks old.

Teaching relatives

Make sure that everyone in your household, including roommates or other family members, understands the same training schedule, rules, and duties. The puppy will learn and adjust more quickly and easily if care and training are consistent.

Keeping behavioral problems at bay

In order to prevent typical behavioral disorders, early training is essential. Early resolution of problems such as excessive barking, jumping, and aggression will facilitate the development of good manners and beneficial behaviors in your puppy.

Though there may be obstacles along the way, keep in mind that the love, happiness, and company a puppy provides to a home frequently outweigh the hurdles. You and your new four-legged family member can coexist together in an environment that is conducive to training, patience, and effort. Let’s now discuss the fundamentals of growing a happy and healthy puppy. 

Creating a Cozy Corner

Set up a comfy space for your pup to crash. Your puppy’s happiness starts with their own haven. Learn the art of setting up a cozy corner with a plush bed, engaging toys, and all the creature comforts they crave. It’s not just about space; it’s about creating a retreat where your puppy feels like the royalty they truly are.

Things one must do after bringing a

Time for chow

Puppies are tiny foodies, so a proper feeding routine is a must. Chat with your vet to figure out the best munchies for your furball.

Playtime Galore

Puppies are active little creatures, so get ready for some serious play sessions. Fetch, tug-of-war, you name it – play is how they roll!

Training adventures

Ever seen a puppy sit on command? It’s like watching magic! Giving dogs treats, and a little patience are the secret sauce to successful training.

Health is wealth

Regular vet visits and a well-balanced diet will keep your pup full of energy. Oh, and pampering with grooming never hurt anyone!

Doodle dining adventures

Puppies are foodies, and Doodles are no exception! Uncover the secrets to crafting a dining experience fit for your gourmet pup. From nutritious meals to tasty treats, we’ll guide you through the culinary wonders of Doodle parenthood.


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